Friday, February 22, 2013

fashion friday-stone statement rings

I am sure my readers know by now that I love creating with stones! I have a huge collection and living next to the beach I am always on the lookout for stones in all shapes and sizes. After finding a whole bunch of really flat and smooth stones, I was inspired to create some unique statement rings! 

Creating a statement ring with a stone is REALLY easy. All you need is a stone (I found that flat and thin makes for a lighter ring) a ring form and epoxy.

You could keep the stone plain or your could draw on the surface. I used white and silver paint pens to draw patterns on the surface of my stones.

I glued the stone to the ring base and in a matter of minutes I had a little collection of fun and unique rings made from nature!

UPDATE! I have my handmade stone rings for sale over in the shop! 
You can view them HERE


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